Weekly Pats Link Dump

9 09 2010

The news of the day was, not shockingly, reaction to the reported contract extension for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The Globe has the transcript of his weekly appearance on WEEI’s “Dan & Callahan Show” where, of course, he sidestepped any and all contract talk.

The Globe’s Albert Breer caught up with Brady later that day at practice where again he avoided confirming anything but did give insight on how the risk of injury is contributing to his decision making. He also puts in a good word for recently embattled teammate Randy Moss.

The Globe also chips in with two interesting photo galleries giving a look into the five most important Patriots this season as well as a run down of the “make-or-break” games on the schedule.

Meanwhile Shalise Manza Young reports that Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is actually having fun trying to control the T.O. and Ochocinco show in Cincinnati which, according to Ochocinco, will be “a freaking symphony out there.”

Over at the Herald Ron Borges reports that, contract talks or not, Tom Brady will not let anything stop him from preparing for Cincinnati.

Meanwhile, Karen Guregian reports that Randy Moss is looking long and hard at his Quarterback’s contract process and wondering when he’ll get his payday.

Over at CSNNE Mary Paolettie checks in on Wes Welker and whether he will be able to play up to snuff on his newly repaired knee

Lastly, over at WEEI Christopher Price reports on how much Bill Belichick actually likes Chad Ochocinco.




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