Weekly Pats Link Dump 9/15

15 09 2010

-We start over at the Boston Globe where the story of the day isn’t how much Tom Brady hates the Jets but how much it bugs him that Pats fans are so quick to duck out of the stadium. Beating out traffic?

-On a more serious note Monique Walker has reaction for the Patriots running back corps on the Tuesday trade of former first-round pick Laurence Maroney.

-Mike Whitmer has coach Belichick’s comments on the trade. For him it was simply “time to move on.”

-Now that Randy Moss has done his song and dance Albert Breer looks into whether it is actually viable for the Pats to re-sign the 34-year-old Moss. He sparks some debate with a chart that ranks the top 20 all-time receivers stats at 34 and needless to say it’s not all pretty.

-Lastly, Breer looks ahead to the Jets and how quickly the framing for the heavily anticipated matchup has changed after the events of week one. It’s interesting to see how the Jets react to their disappointing opener and whether the Patriots can build on their outstanding debut.

-Over at the Herald Ron Borges checks in with an interesting piece on how much money Tom Brady is actually making … or not making. In contract back flips that would make New Jersey Devils GM Lou Lamoriello proud the Patriots have made Tom Brady the highest paid quarterback in the NFL, sorta.

-Karen Guregian checks in with Randy Moss and how he plans to stay far off Revis Island and hopefully take the damn deed away.

-Lastly, Ian Rapoport looks at how the Patriots offensive line can take advantage of the absence of Kris Jenkins.

-Tom Curran at CSNNE talks about how it’s impossible for the Pats to ignore the very loud Jets and how they’ve  built some momentum after their last two meetings.

-Perhaps unknown to Tom Brady and Co. Danny Picard reports that Jets coach Rex Ryan actually had some nice things to say about the Pats.

-Over at EEI Chris Price talks about how the Patriots will go on without Laurence Maroney.

-He also checks in on how the Jets will try and rebound after a deflating opening week loss.




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