Prospects Brewin

17 09 2010

On a stage that seemed tailored for him it was the players not named Tyler Seguin that made the most of their time on the TD Garden ice this week as the Bruins rookies swept the series with their New York Islanders counterparts.

Instead, it was the players that are not guaranteed a job come October that made a statement, both for consideration and the rising state of the Bruins farm system.

That’s not to say Seguin went quietly into the night, his slick passing gave Jordan Caron two-thirds of his Wednesday night hat trick. He also showed some bite the next night when the Islanders defense focused in him, throwing off defenders and using his much-talked about speed to gain some nice breaks. Though, it was clear that this was not his stage to take just yet, his test lies in his first NHL training camp against pro-level competition next week.

No, instead it was players like Caron, who doesn’t want to spend much time in Providence this season, and Ryan Spooner who is looking to avoid a ticket back to juniors that made statements when they had to.

More importantly it displayed the leaps and bounds the Bruins system has made under general manager Peter Chiarelli.

“What I was happy with tonight, and I think the crowd could see it, is the skill,” GM Peter Chiarelli told the Boston Globe after the game. “We had an energy line. But on three of those other lines, there was some tremendous skill. A lot of plays were being made. I was trying to remember last year with the rookie tournament. The year before, we were in Shelton. I don’t think I saw, in total, the number of plays we made tonight over the course of those games the last two years. That was good to see.”

And he was right; the sheer skill on display gave Bruins fans a lot to look forward to beyond young phenom Tyler Seguin.




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